We believe knowledgeable organizations and individuals choose their accounting firm based on four essential criteria:

  • Experience of the client service team.
  • Understanding of the client's unique needs and organization factors.
  • A client service team that "fits" the client's situation and culture and brings a responsive sense of urgency to the task at hand.
  • A combination of fees and service benefits that make the client's investment a sound business proposition.

In addition to fundamental strengths, there are other factors which contribute to positive, productive relationships between clients and their professional advisors. These other factors include the skills and personalities of the individuals assigned to client engagements, quality of services provided, fees charged, and more. We believe we have some special qualities which set us apart from other firms, as follows:

  • Responsive, high quality service at a reasonable cost;
  • Accessibility of partners;
  • Ability to provide staff continuity to the greatest extent possible.

Booke & Partners is affiliated with Mackay LLP in Western Canada, which enables us to provide services to those clients who have specific needs in markets outside of Manitoba.